What is The 12 week Challenge?


I'm MaryKate Schmidt, your typical twenty-something just trying to find balance in a world of froyo, pizza, and rose. For as long as I can remember I've struggled with on and off dieting, not understanding what to eat/how much, and overall trying to beat the YOYO. Three years ago, I started working out again and decided it was time to change my life. I created a fitness instagram where I connected with 1,000s of girls around the world who felt the same way and I knew I had to do something about it! From that moment on it became my goal to create a program where girls could find balance and live a healthy, realistic lifestyle, which is why I created the FTF Movement 12 Week Challenge!

My whole life I've been part of a team! If I was going to start something of my own, there would have to be an AMAZING community coming along for the ride! Without the support of my FTF gals, instagram followers, and all those who support my movement I wouldn't be here today. I created the FTF Movement with the goal to empower women to feel like their best self and with each other were able to do so while being held accountable!  Come join me in living your best life!!

Together we are stronger, more motivated, and WE HELP each other be the best we can be! 

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