FTF Features 

My ALL time FAVORITE part of building this program is the the physical and mental transformations my clients make. There is no better feeling than feeling confident in yourself and loving who you are inside and out! These women are REAL people with busy schedules, social lives, and just as much demand as anyone else! I am so PROUD to share their experiences! 


Night Nurse, 24, 5'1

" I realized I was eating too much of the wrong things and I actually get to eat more and feel more satisfied. I can't wait to keep going!" 

"My body responded so well to the macros and your guide I loved it!" "Not always though like week 11 I crawled out of the gym ... but in all seriousness though my body has NEVER been in this great of shape and I feel awesome!" 


Grad School STUDENT, 25, 5'7 

"12 weeks done and dusted. There's a 9lb difference between these pics. Crazy!"

"I found your workouts to be the perfect challenge. Looking at them ahead of time, early on you wonder if you can do it but it's enough of a challenge that when your body is doing it your body has the strength and the ability to get the full potential out of the workout."

"I also LOVE how I was never bored or getting used to the repetition. Also excited to amp up the weights with another round!" 


Caregiver, 31, 5'6

"I was only a cardio bunny in college and I have been a habitual under eater without even knowing it."

"I had a HUGE personal non-scale victory by rocking ONLY a sports bra at the gym ... I have NEVER done that!!! EVER EVER EVER!!!" 

"Thank you thank you for making me take progress pictures and thank you for holding me accountable when I go MIA for days"