What to Expect? 


Despite being an athlete my whole life I was terrified of weights and had the perception that I would get "manly, bulky," you name it if I picked up a dumbbell. Instead of lifting I stuck to eating at a minimum and running on the treadmill for hours - NO THANKS!! 

After much trial/error, I learned that a combination of cardio, lifting, and high intensity interval training could give me that lean, toned look I was chasing my whole life. Oh, and you can't forget the nutrition aspect because that is a huge part of the process. 

A lot of sweat went into this guide (literally), and I now sell the FTF Movement Guide for just $50, just a little more than you’d pay for one SoulCycle class 🙈 You can also add on $40 for a one-on-one 60 minute consultation call so you can learn about macros and kickstarting your FTF journey.

Check out some of my fave transformations here, and please share your progress pics to be featured and inspire the community!

What can you expect from my 12 week guide? 

  • 5 lifting workouts/week split by legs, arms, shoulders/abs, back, and full body

  •  Cardio 2-3 times/week along with high intensity interval training sprints 2-3 times a week

  • Grocery list

  • Meal ideas 

  • Brief overview of macro education

  • The MOVES Guide with images and clickable links to videos on the website

  • FTF Community  - Instagram & Facebook