Falling in Love with You 6 Week Challenge

Falling in Love with You 6 Week Challenge


Come on girl, it’s time to fall in Love with YOU! What is the FILWYChallenge?!

  • Downloadable PDF with 6 weeks of workouts starting on the same day as women from all over the world

  • Cardio 4x/week with HIIT 1x/week and lifting 5x/week broken down into: legs, arms, back/shoulders, booty, full body

  • AB burn outs

  • Optional Sunday Challenges

  • Grocery List

  • Move guides - images/descriptions/clickable links to the videos on my website

  • Access to the Facebook group and social media to interact with the FTF community

  • Weekly prizes

  • Opportunity for you to share your story/weekly progress pics and be considered for the $500 grand prize

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