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You heard right, I created a 12-week workout & food guide that includes everything I’ve learned on my fitness journey. This guide was created to help girls sweat, eat right, and feel their best!

The Movement is a a group of girls supporting each other, striving for progress over perfection, and living their best life in the process.

My goal is to create a community that encourages one another to live a balanced life and stop the yo-yo dieting. I lived the life of always trying the newest fad diet and spending hours on cardio machines trying to 'get skinny'. During my fitness journey, I redefined my goals to wanting to be strong and healthy! 

I finally found a system that works for me, and I am so excited to share it with you.

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60 Workouts broken out into legs, arms, back, shoulder/abs, full body

Cardio Schedule - 30 minute sessions 3x a week in the beginning stages

HIIT Training Ideas - 15-20 minute sessions 2-3 times/week

Macro Counting Education

Meal Planning Ideas

MaryKate’s health hacks

Community Support


You can get the FTF 12-week Guide + Kickstart Call with @froyotofitness, MaryKate!

You can get:

  • FTF 12-week Guide

  • custom macro numbers & calorie counting plan

  • 60 min phone call with MaryKate

  • 30 day follow-up email to ensure success!

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