A Look Into My Home!


The Foundation

Years ago I sat down with my manager and I remember him asking my goals for the next 5 years. Mind you I was 23 and legit didn’t even know what I was having for dinner that night let alone my goals, but seriously I was like come again?!

I remember writing down “I want to buy a condo by 2019” with no real sense if that was even a possibility. He continued to elaborate and asked what I wanted it to look like, what my budget was, how would I get there, etc. but again, I was 23 and questioned getting a Venti Misto at the time! I really had no idea what I wanted, so just threw a number out there and moved on. That day we wrote everything down on paper so even though it seemed like light years away I knew I had to do it – I mean it was officially on paper!

Fast forward to 2019 I was at a the point where I’d be moving in with my boyfriend and the question kept arising in my head “should I rent or should I buy?” I was SO torn but I kept going back to that conversation with my boss and started thinking more and more about the money I was kind of throwing a way on rent. I loved my location, loved my building, and loved my lil studio life, but knew it was time to take the leap.

 The Move

As all of you know moving is SUCH a process – I always get so excited to move then during it I’m literally like “why the hell  am I doing this.” Plus you always think you have NO belongings then realize you could dress an entire squad if you wanted to! I did the classic PURGE of so many unnecessary objects like the sorority t-shirts I haven’t worn in years, the classic FAB FIT FUN cream that you’ll never use, and so on! It FELT SO GOOD! I finally was on a roll packing and stumbled across a HIDDEN GEM called REDI-BOX which was the ultimate game changer for this move! Mind you, I’ve moved a bunch and I always just threw my stuff in garbage bags hoping for the best, but this time REDI-BOX was the answer. I heard about them through a few of my friends, so decided to give them a try!

Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 6.50.37 PM.png

REDI-BOX conveniently delivers 100% recyclable plastic moving totes to your door with no assembly required, which allows you to pack up fast without the hassle of putting together boxes, taping, you know the pain! I think the best part about the totes though is that they’re stackable so we were easily able to put them on a cart and wheel them out without worrying about them sliding around! Then once you are done with the totes they picked them up the NEXT day without you having to break anything down or bring more garbage out – talk about convenient! You can use FROYO15 PROMO CODE for $15 off your order! Seriously SO EASY!!


Finally my boo and I made it from Lincoln Park to Wicker Park and it came time to move in but don’t forget I’m as type A as they come and the moment I signed on the dotted line someone was already tearing out the bathrooms to be gutted – high maintenance I know!

 I love HGTV, all the shows, and always have an itch for a lil remodeling action! Before moving home from Scottsdale I actually designed and remodeled my parents condo there so I knew what to expect when it came to budgeting for a contractor, tile, paint, vanities, lighting, faucets, etc.

 I did get two estimates with one being ABSURD at $30,000 and the other being an affordable amount – so make sure you do your research and shop around!! I used Victor at Global Real Estate Services and Mike at SLIGO 5 INC! Both guys were SO professional and super transparent throughout the whole process! I felt like they understood my vision and knew exactly what I wanted!

They started to demo and within a few days both bathrooms were down to the studs! Since I had done a remodel before I knew to go to Floor and Decor for my materials, which is where I got the following tile.

For both bathrooms I was going to get two new vanities but I was able to save the master vanity by re-painting it Salty Dog blue and swapping out the hardware with these Amazon handles! Additionally, I got the guest bathroom vanity and two all white quartz counters from PMJ Stone. Vanessa was AMAZING to work with — seriously the poor thing had to deal with my indecisiveness and was so PATIENT!! I went back and forth about replacing the master vanity as a whole, but painting it honestly saved me about $500! The whole bathroom remodel took about 4 weeks because we had a few minor set backs like with anything!

I decided on painting my entire place Aloof Gray because I felt like it was classic, gender neutral, and would pretty much go with any theme! This color tied the place together SO NICELY!

Time to Decorate

When it came time to decorate my place I knew I needed to make it chic, but affordable!  I obviously had a Pinterest board going for months about how I wanted my new pad to look — I was majorly inspired by faux furs, blues, grays, and of course lots of white! No shame I love my white! Sadly, I had to ditch a lot of my pinks, but luckily was able to incorporate them into the guest bedroom and guest bathroom – sorry John! I had a solid foundation going into the decorating, but used by designer Emma at the Havenly! This service was incredible! I was able to show her all the pieces I already had and she was able to craft the room layout, additional pieces, and ultimately a dream room based off my budget, a test I took, and my taste! Seriously made my life SO easy!!

As you know though, furnishing can get super expensive! If my bank account would allow for it I would love my place to be all West Elm, but let’s be real it’s a mixture of that, target, wayfair, and amazon! One day - I keep telling myself :)!

 I figured I needed to get classic pieces that would last like the Andes Sectional and a white kitchen table from West Elm, but honestly that’s about as expensive as it gets in my home.  

I thought it would be easiest to link everything here!

·      Andes Sectional

·      West Elm Kitchen Table

·      Kitchen Chairs

·      Kitchen Barstools

·   Living Room Rug

·  Plant

·      Pillow cases

·      Coffee Bar

· Side table

·      Hanging Shelves

·      Coffee Table

·      TV stand

·      Living room rug

·      Plant

·      Guest pillows

·      Guest Lamps

·    Guest Side tables

·      Bathroom curtain

·      Bathroom Rug

·      Master Bed

This year has been an amazing journey and this was one of the biggest changes I experienced thus far! I’m so grateful I could share it with you! I hope you enjoyed reading and thanks so much for your love and support!