My Top 10 Must Have Snacks


Anyone who knows me knows I have to have my SNACKS! Seriously though I eat every 2-3 hours so I constantly have food in my purse, in my car, pretty much anywhere I can because I learned incorporating snacks into my day vs. larger meals keeps me fuller longer, decreases my tendency to over eat, and honestly just keeps me sane!

 I mean come on who doesn’t carry food on them right?! I wanted to share my top 10 favorite snacks with you and why!

1.     ThinkThin protein bars – why I love them? Protein heavy, actually taste good, different flavors (of course PB is my fav ;)) and you can get them pretty much ANY WHERE!

2.     Fage 0% Greek yogurt- same thing. With 18 grams of protein it’s hard to say no especially when you can make it taste like dessert (I add in powdered PB and granola, wow is it good)! Plus you can get it anywhere and it’s so CHEAP!

3.     The classic apple with almond butter – right now I’m loving Trader Joe’s non salted almond butter, RX vanilla nut butter, and of course Justin’s will always be a fav!

MKS_July17_2019-2522 (1).jpg

4.     Vega Sport protein packets – Whole foods has single serve packets for these and they are the best for travel, especially if you are a guest at a friends house (who wants to bring their whole tub of protein powder?) Not me! Oh and don’t forget it’s 30 grams of protein, plant based, vegan, gluten free, etc.

5.     Lesserevil popcorn – It’s too good to say no too, but you don’t have to because it’s so guilt free! The ingredients are good and the macros are fab!

6.     Lundberg Rice cakes – I love a good rice cake with powdered PB it never gets old to me and it’s quick and easy! I love the salted caramel kind!

7.     Starbucks bistro box – when I’m in a pinch this is a go to! I don’t eat the yolks in the eggs and I usally ditch the cheese!

8.     Safe + Fair granola – a recent fav but it is so yummy and there are lots of flavors! I will still always love Nature’s Path of course!

9.     Simple Mills crackers – I’m not much of a salty person, but once in a while I crave a crunch and these are perfect!

10.  Fruit – It’s simple but I always love bringing grapes with me on the go, or even fresh berries! It always settles my sweet tooth too!


I know some of these seem super basic, but honestly I’m all about simple, quick, healthy, and easy snacks! Don’t forget if you try any these tag @Froyotofitness #FTFeats!