My FAV Scottsdale Recco's

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As many of you know Scottsdale holds a very special place in my heart! Not only did I grow up vacationing here as a kid, but I also decided to pick up my life and move there in my early 20’s.

 If you read my previous post you’ll remember I relocated from Chicago to Scottsdale for a job at age 23! I knew no one, had an extremely hard/time consuming job, and had a lot of growing pains, which ultimately turned into THE BEST years of my life!! I met so many new friends, failed and excelled at my career, and truly learned to love being alone – something I was once terrified of.

I fell in love with fitness, but more so fell in love with everything the city had to offer! Life was JUST EASY! Every time I see or hear about someone taking a trip out there I feel a warmth in my heart that is indescribable because I just want every person to experience it like the way I did! There is SO much to see and do but I want to focus on all thing’s food, fitness, beauty, because what else do you need?!?


  • Butters café

    • I LOVE this place because you can be healthy and get an egg-white omelet, whatever it may be and you can UPGRADE your side to pancakes – which are to die for – I personally recommend the banana cream or whole wheat <3

  • Breakfast club

    • Classic staple!

  • Morning Squeeze

    • Super delish and healthy!

  • Montauk

    • Cute Instagram worthy for crafty cocktails and a betchy vibe — good for late drinks too!

  • Hash kitchen

    • Make your own bloody bar – not my thing but I know people love them!


  • ChopShop

    • Legit one stop chop for breaky, lunch, or dinner

  • Farm & Craft

    • Same as above – has all the healthy goods

  • Flower Child

    • Same as above – be sure to get the sweet potatoes and teas!

  • The Henry

    • Another classic for coffee, lunch, or dinner

  • Sauce

    • Super easy fast casual but delish

  • Sumo Maya

    • An amazing dinner spot but randomly have the most amazing brunch!

  • In N Out

    • You know the drill – animal style fries


  • Olive and Ivy

    • My favorite ambiance and the food … don’t event get me started

    • The sweet potato canneloni is like nothing you will ever have it’s a must

    • Love their bruschetta

    • Bacon wrapped dates

    • Be sure to ask for the BREAD and PESTO – they don’t always bring it out anymore

  • The Mission

    • Table side guac <3

  • The Henry

    • All good options and good scene

  • Citizen Public House

    • They’re known for their chopped salad

  • Green House

    • Classic choice

  • Sumo Maya

    • Guacamole is a must

    • Bacon wrapped dates are amazing

    • Frozen margs are SO good

    • The sushi is bomb!!

  • North Bar

    • Really can get anything you want hear from pizza, salads, pasta, wine

  • Postinos

    • Bruschetta boards and charcuterie enough said!

  • Herb Box

  • Cowboy Chao

  • Culinary Dropout

    • Casual but still good

  • The Yard

    • Fun for groups bc they have food and games

  • Cotton and Mowry

  • Oceans Club

  • Steak 44

  • T Cook’s

  • Buck & Rider

  • Elements

    • Good view of camelback mountain and romantic scene

  • El Chorro

    • Great view of camelback and yummy food!


  • Berdenas

    • Super good coffee and their avocado toast is clutch

  • D’lite

    • Obsessed with their morning buzz – I get mine with vegan protein/almond milk and no almond butter

  • Sip

  • Nekter

    • Acai bowls <3 always with almond butter on top!

  • One Stop

    • Not Instagram worthy by any means but good for protein shakes

  • The Henry

  • Yogurtology

    • The BEST FROYO ever but it’s a hike!

  • Chopshop

  • The Sugar Bowl

  • Baked Bear

    • make your own ice cream cookie sandwiches YUM!!!


Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 8.07.11 PM.png
  • Scottsdale Bodi – my friend Nikki Metzger, a fitness guru owns Bodi – it’s a KILLER workout which is a mixture of cardio/HIIT/strength – super fun and social!

  • The Madison – love their spin classes for PARTY on a bike

  • Fly Wheel – Another hot place to spin

  • Camelback mountain – the HARDEST workout EVER – I do echo canyon which is the harder side – bring water, gym shoes, sun screen, the works! Be prepared for a 2 hour hike!


  • JW Marriott Scottsdale

  • The Phoenician

  • The W

  • Microblading AZ is where I get my eyebrows microbladed – Lindsay is AMAZE

  • Violarosa SalonEmily does my hair and she works wonders!!


This is just a short recap of all my FAV spots to explore! I love every inch of the city and I wish I could dive in deeper, but if you’re taking a trip these are FOR SURE places you won’t want to miss!

I hope you all enjoyed! Don’t be shy — feel free to share all these HOT SPOTS with your friends!