Hi Beautiful,

Yes, YOU!! All this time I’ve been sharing my transformations, my journey, etc. but it’s your turn! I want to hear about your story, your why, and what you love about you so I thought it would be the perfect time to launch a Falling in Love With You Challenge! With that being said, I wanted an opportunity for you to share not only your physical transformation with me, but also your emotional one too because we all know that is just as important. This is a challenge because you will be joining women from all over the world to participate in workouts on the same day, have the option to submit a questionnaire to tell your story, and interact with everyone doing the challenge! I know how hard it can be to start so here’s your chance to begin your journey with others by your side! Learn more below — XOXO!!



Q: What is the Challenge?

A: After launching my FTF Movement I knew girls would be asking what is next? I wanted to create a new guide where we can all start on the exact same day and hold each other accountable for 6 weeks. Additionally, I’ve added in an extra cardio day, booty day, optional Sunday challenges, grocery list, meal ideas, weekly prizes, and a grand prize based on photo submissions and your story!

Q: How long is the challenge?

A: It’ll be 6 weeks

Q: When does the next challenge start?

A: Monday, April 22nd!!

Q: What can I expect from the Challenge?

A: You can expect 4 days of cardio, 1-2 HIIT sessions, and lifting workouts broken out into legs, arms, back/shoulders, booty, and full body along with Sunday challenges!

Q: Can the Challenge be done at home?

A: Yes, it can. This is a gym-based program but I’ve provided modifications for at home. There is 4x of cardio so access to walking or cardio equipment would be helpful.

Q: What type of equipment do I need to do this at home?

A: Dumbbells, jump rope, shoulder/back bands, booty bands, and a chair for step ups.

Q: What is the grand prize and how is the winner selected?

A: This is all about you and your story! Upon signing up for the challenge you have the option to submit a questionnaire and share weekly progress pictures with me. I will read every single woman’s story and select a winner at the end of the 6 weeks. In order to be selected submitting the questionnaire and progress pics is required.

Q: Can I repeat the challenge?

A: Yes, the Challenge is a downloadable PDF so you’ll be able to keep it forever and repeat when I launch a new one or you can do the workouts as you please

Q: Can I do the Challenge if I have or haven’t done the Movement?

A: Yes, of course — this is open to everyone!!

Q: How is the Challenge different than the Movement (1.0)?

A: There is more cardio, a booty day, Sunday challenges, and ab burn outs! Also, everyone is starting on the SAME day and there will be weekly/grand prize!!

Q: Is there a meal plan included?

A: No, I did include a grocery list, meal ideas, and tips but I do not provide meal plans. You can add my FTF Macros onto your purchase!